Those who are proud of their Results will happily take on Responsibility.

The ARONIA Management Consulting team takes all members of a company along on the challenging road to changing things for the better. As a result, ARONIA manages to deliver lasting stability and development to the companies.

The associates have one main thing in common: they rely on their healthy common sense. With sense and sensibility they know how to roll their sleeves up to intervene in complex situations on a structural level – with a high degree of implementation strength and practical astuteness.

In the process, they never take just the easy way out: The common consulting methods are employed as a fundamental tool but in each specific case, they take measure and develop individual solutions. They are not afraid of addressing unpleasant facts and frictions – without being narcissistic or even cynical.

Humane, financially responsible and thereby more ethical interaction with the client: This approach is a deep conviction for ARONIA Management Consulting and not simply a hollow phrase.

ARONIA Management Consulting is the logical consequence of the mutual drive of the two founders, which has been forged over years of loyal and successful co-operation.

This unique combination is very attractive: Experienced fellow-thinkers, specialists in their respective sectors, who speak the same language and use the same methods, have joined forces with ARONIA Management Consulting. As a result, the founders have every confidence in their co-operation partners when they entrust them with your commission. For more information please refer to “Partners”.