Dedication is something Money can’t buy.

Taking risks when they offer good prospects for others. Discussing uncomfortable truths when they must be faced, even when no one wants to face them. No pleasantries – in order to serve the needs and achieve set targets without deviation. This is a mindset that money can’t buy and a result of our high aspirations.

This is the ARONIA Management Consulting Scope of Services:

  • Financial and economic consulting

- Restructuring
- Strategy
- Efficiency improvement
- Development and implementation of sales and marketing concepts
- Refinancing, financing of enterprises and projects, structured financing
- Cross-section analysis / quick check
- M&A support
- Corporate succession

  • Interim Management

- focusing on corporate reorganisation (CRO) and strategic change processes

  • Training

- Corporate development
- Advancement of sales and marketing
- Communication optimisation

  • Coaching

- Executive and team coachings
- “Freethinker” – perception sharpening for company and management

  • Support in the international business environment with focus on Russia and the CIS
- Expansion and investment consultancy
- Market entry and market development: analysis, strategy and implementation
- Sales development and sales expansion
- Negotiation support and negotiations in Russian
- Market research and information supply
- Individual issues and customised solutions (also on-site)
- All other above-named services