Good for the Strengthening of Your Company.

Founders and associates:  


Ekaterina Pashkova

Ralph Wonnemann




Poing near München


Areas of expertise:



Transformation and restructuring consulting, efficiency improvement and interim management as well as coaching and training


Special features: 


Russian as mother tongue

Project experience in the EU, Russia and Eastern Europe










Project manager

Interim manager



Member of supervisory board


















Ancillary construction trades

Automobile industry

Chemical industry (incl. laundry, care and cleaning products)


Fashion and textiles

Food, drinks and tobacco industry (incl. dairy business)

Haulage and logistics

Leisure and sports

Luminary industry 

Metal processing

Packaging industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Plant construction and engineering

Public health and healthcare

Retail and wholesale trade 

Travel business



Those who are proud of their results will happily take on responsibility.

The ARONIA Management Consulting team takes all members of a company along on the challenging road to changing things for the better. As a result, ARONIA manages to deliver lasting stability and development to the companies.


The associates have one main thing in common: they rely on their healthy common sense. With sense and sensibility they know how to roll their sleeves up to intervene in complex situations on a structural level – with a high degree of implementation strength and practical astuteness.


In the process, they never take just the easy way out: The common consulting methods are employed as a fundamental tool but in each specific case, they take measure and develop individual solutions. They are not afraid of addressing unpleasant facts and frictions – without being narcissistic or even cynical.


Humane, financially responsible and thereby more ethical interaction with the client: This approach is a deep conviction for ARONIA Management Consulting and not simply a hollow phrase.


ARONIA Management Consulting is the logical consequence of the mutual drive of the two founders, which has been forged over years of loyal and successful co-operation.


This unique combination is very attractive: Experienced fellow-thinkers, specialists in their respective sectors, who speak the same language and use the same methods, have joined forces with ARONIA Management Consulting. In the teams specially tailored to the project requirements, the company founders remain personally responsible and guarantee the highest quality. 



The proven way to sustainable success.

Over the years, the founders of ARONIA Management Consulting have developed their own approach and methodology. It is the essence from the success, insight and expert knowledge of the consultants brought into play.


1. ARONIA Management Consulting applies itself with dedication to remove blockages, capture disruptive elements and to bring all parties together behind better, new solutions.


2. When the way is clear, they mobilise hidden energy – enlightening, inspiring and with tact.


3. Confident of these strengths, as a next step, the consultants support the client to discover dormant potentials and with patience, persistence and a bit of humour tap them for the company.


4. The result: a company that is braced for any detrimental influences, which thus can flourish with long term success.