Development of a business model and market approach for a sport and health center.

Development of a business model and market approach for a sport and health center with implementation of starting activities, marketing and sales actions



  • Middle-sized family-owned group of companies in the healthcare sector in joint venture with a well-established company in the sports and leisure industry
  • From 4 to 150 employees


Initial situation:

  • Health Centre (investment volume of approx. 30 m€) in the shell stage and without sustainable business model
  • After escalation of the situation, the shareholders decided to terminate the cooperation with the initiator/CEO with immediate effect
  • Immediate action was needed to protect the investment
  • The task was to evaluate the concept and to examine the status quo (Stage 1) with the follow-on order to develop a business model and to take over the project management (Stage 2) with the aim to reach an adequate return in the next 3-5 years


Actions taken:

  • Evaluation of the by then rudimentary business concept and the spatial possibilities (building shell)
  • Market research on market potential, target groups, competitor business models etc.
  • Micro market analysis of the catchment area, macro analysis of the German speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), analysis of important multipliers: neighboring stadium and hotel
  • Comparison between own possibilities and the market and elaboration of future business model, market positioning, target groups as well as market potential for the customer
  • Creating of a marketing concept (product, price, sales and promotion) for the development of new target groups (private customers)
  • Recruitment and coordination of building interior/furnishing according to the new developed business model
  • Cooperation with external business partners in marketing (CI, website) and PR
  • Implementation of sales activities for customer acquisition (patients and private customers) also in cooperation with public and private health insurance companies
  • Development of a cooperation model with the neighboring 4*- hotel and the facilities of the Joint Venture partner



  • Creating the opportunity to achieve an attractive return on investment
  • Ensuring of investments
  • Establishment of a second strategic pillar for the family-owned company
  • Image improvement of the customer